Freelancing 103.: kickstart your freelancing game with these 5 websites.

Freelancing 103.: kickstart your freelancing game with these 5 websites.

We’ve talked about freelancing before on this blog go check it out.

There’s a lot of great opportunity there for you to make some extra money.

Some of you can even make a living at freelancing. So, I’m going to tell you five websites where you can find freelance jobs and freelance clients.

1The first.:

The first website we’re going to talk about is kind of obvious, it’s in the name,

This is a website I used in the past, and you can get decent client work there. Some people will say that they haven’t had success there, but you must remember this is about talent, portfolio, and timing.

So, for all these websites, take this with a grain of salt. It may work out for you or another website might be better suited to what your skills are.

Not everybody is a graphic designer, some people are video editors, some people are copywriters, some people make PowerPoints.

There are going to be websites where there’s an abundance of opportunities just based on your skills. is just one of them.

2The Second.:

Another website you can check out is the one where I hire most of the people that I do outsourcing for little projects like infographics and things of that nature or digital illustrations, and that’s is like I said where I hire most of my freelancers, and I think it can be helpful for a lot of you.

Checkout this introductory post on Upwork

checkout this post for introduction to freelancing

There are tasks you can do there like being a virtual assistant or doing some copywriting or blog post, or maybe even editing things in Photoshop for people like removing images or people from backgrounds.

So, I would give a shot.

3The Third.: CraigsList

Another website you should look at is Craigslist. Craigslist is not as much I think for remote workers or digital freelancers.

So, if you’re doing something like photography or if you do camera work for video or things of that nature, or just looking for other like odd jobs, then I think that Craigslist could be a good place for you to find those opportunities.

Just make sure you’re doing your appropriate research.

4The Fourth.:

The fourth website we’re going to talk about is

Now there are going to be people who are going to hate on me for even mentioning this because they don’t like the nature of design contest, and that’s fine, but there are people that I’ve personally talked to who have used this not only as entrepreneurs who hire people, but also freelancers who have won design contests here and made decent money and have also used this to kind of build up their portfolio and practice.

While I don’t think this is for everybody, I do think that students would benefit more from 99designs than a lot of other people.

They are just going to be against this. I’m offering you this as a potential option that you could take it or leave it. It’s not for everybody. And if it doesn’t work out for you, then maybe there are other websites that I’ve mentioned in this list that can.

So just kind of take that with a grain of salt.

5The fifth.:

The fifth website that we’re going to talk about is is pretty like the other websites we’ve mentioned.

You can find freelance jobs and opportunities on this website. And one of the things that I would tell you about a lot of these websites is if you could find the jobs that have a flat rate fee, and if you sort them by the amount that they’re paying, maybe you’ll feel better about it.

If you feel you’re confident enough with your skills to get those higher paying jobs, and like I said, not all of it is going to come down to things like graphic design or Photoshop or video editing or any of those really creative technical skills, it might come down to much simpler things, it might come down to making or editing PowerPoint presentations, it might come down to reviewing people’s copy for mistakes and errors.

There are any number of tasks. It might be virtual assistant work, managing somebody’s inbox. These are all great opportunities, and a lot of these websites do give you the ability to make some money relatively quickly if you have the skills that people need that are in demand.

So, I think it’s great for connecting people who want to take some extra work off their plate and people who need some extra work to bring in money.

And these are the websites that I’m recommending, but there are other ones out there, just do your research, or maybe I’ll do a 10 websites article for you later.

The platforms that I have recommended, I’ve talked to people about them repeatedly, I’ve used them to hire people, and so that’s where my recommendations are coming from.

I’d actually love to know your experiences with freelancing or with hiring a freelancer, so let me know in the Comment section below what your freelance experience has been like, both as someone who hires or as somebody who has been looking for freelance opportunities and has had success with that, or if you’ve actually had any failures with that that you’re comfortable to talk about.

Let’s have these conversations down below.



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